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POSITION TITLE: Physical Therapist
DEPARTMENT: Physical Therapy

JOB SUMMARY: Performs clinical duties including evaluations, formulating a treatment plan and ensuring that all aspects of the treatment plan are carried out concurrent with the medical protocols established by The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group.

SUPERVISOR: Lead Physical Therapist

  • * Upon physician referral, the PT will perform an initial evaluation. An appropriate treatment plan will be developed with measurable goals and time frames.
  • * PT will document treatment plan per documentation guidelines, this will include, but not limited to:
  • * Documenting each treatment provided per session on the appropriate form, including exercises performed and providing the referring physician with written objective progress reports for each patient prior to physician recheck dates.
  • * Verbal discussion with the referring physician about the patients case, as indicated. Verbal discussion is encouraged, but is not to take the place of written documentation of progress.
  • * Full evaluation of the functional ability and progress of the patient.
  • * Recommendations for the continuance or changes in the patient's therapy program, including recommended discharge from therapy.
  • * On an ongoing basis, the PT communicates verbally with all medical providers regarding challenging patients and discusses appropriate diagnoses for referral to therapy as well as advances in the field.
  • * Communicates on a regular basis with all therapy patients, setting expectations for return to function and emphasizing education and motivation for compliance with the established treatment plan.
  • * Must be knowledgeable in billing for treatments conducted per insurance carrier specifications.
  • * Knowledgeable for best demonstrated practices and the development of specific quality indications used to measure them, of the factors that impact those quality indications, and the methods to improve the quality indications.
  • * Coordinate with the Lead Therapist to keep missed appointment rates within acceptable ranges by using the system that the center has in place to follow up on missed appointments the same day.
  • * Participates with the Lead Therapist in the evaluation of the capital equipment and staff needed so that the center may fulfill its rehabilitation responsibilities in therapy.
  • * Establishes and promotes clear lines of communication between therapy and other TSAOG employees.
  • * May be asked to assist the Lead Therapist with the coordination of the center's therapy staff schedules to ensure efficient productivity while meeting client needs.
  • * May be asked for input to assist the Lead Therapist with evaluation of the performance of all therapy technician staff, PTA's on an annual basis.
  • * Has the option to participate in clinical instruction of university physical therapy and/or physical therapist assistant students on an as-interested basis.
  • * Must be familiar with rules and regulations established by the relevant licensing, certification and accrediting bodies. The PT must monitor and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations promulgated by these bodies.
  • * Promotes, supports and engages in projects and activities that will develop or improve orthopaedic services and overall teamwork within the centers.
  • * Participates in professional continuing education relevant to the TSAOG patient population.
  • * Will acquire professional continuing education hours in accordance with the requirements set forth by the State of Texas.


EDUCATION:Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy. Licensed in State of Texas.

EXPERIENCE:On the job training to new hires, orthopaedic therapy experience required.

SKILLS:Manual therapy skills, decision making, leadership and good communication skills, both orally and written required..

ABILITIES:Ability to communicate effectively. Must be able to develop and maintain effective relationships. Must be able to assist patients on tables and equipment..

OTHER: Other duties to be assigned as necessary and may vary at times, as needed by your immediate supervisor or as directed by the company.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS: Requires prolonged sitting, stretching, and some bending. Requires eye hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a keyboard, photocopies, telephone, and other equipment. Requires normal range of hearing and eyesight to record, prepare and communicate appropriate information to patients and team members. Normal but fast-paced work environment.

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